»nomad Block


The nomad block configures the Nomad Autoscaler's Nomad client.

nomad {
  address = "http://my-nomad.systems:4646"
  region  = "esp-vlc-1"
nomad {  address = "http://my-nomad.systems:4646"  region  = "esp-vlc-1"}

»nomad Parameters

  • address (string: "") - The address of the Nomad server in the form of protocol://addr:port.

  • region (string: "global") - The region of the Nomad servers to connect with.

  • namespace (string: "") - The target namespace for queries and actions bound to a namespace.

  • token (string: "") - The SecretID of an ACL token to use to authenticate API requests with.

  • http_auth (string: "") - The authentication information to use when connecting to a Nomad API which is using HTTP authentication.

  • ca_cert (string: "") - Path to a PEM encoded CA cert file to use to verify the Nomad server SSL certificate.

  • ca_path (string: "") - Path to a directory of PEM encoded CA cert files to verify the Nomad server SSL certificate.

  • client_cert (string: "") - Path to a PEM encoded client certificate for TLS authentication to the Nomad server.

  • client_key (string: "") - Path to an unencrypted PEM encoded private key matching the client certificate.

  • tls_server_name (string: "") - The server name to use as the SNI host when connecting via TLS.

  • skip_verify (bool: false) - Do not verify TLS certificates. This is strongly discouraged.