»strategy Block


The strategy block is used to configure scaling strategy plugins.

strategy "example-strategy-plugin" {
  driver = "example-strategy-plugin"
  args   = ["-my-flag"]

  config = {
    algorithm = "complex"
strategy "example-strategy-plugin" {  driver = "example-strategy-plugin"  args   = ["-my-flag"]
  config = {    algorithm = "complex"  }}

»strategy Parameters

  • args (array<string>: []) - Specifies a set of arguments to pass to the plugin binary when it is executed.

  • driver (string: "") - The plugin's executable name relative to to the plugin_dir. If the plugin has a suffix, such as .exe, this should be omitted.

  • config (map<string><string>: nil) - Specifies configuration values for the plugin either as HCL or JSON. The accepted values are plugin specific. Please refer to the individual plugin's documentation.