»Nomad Autoscaler Command: agent

The agent command is used to start the Nomad Autoscaler which runs until an interrupt signal is received. The Nomad Autoscaler agent's configuration primarily comes from the config files used, but a subset of the options may also be passed directly as CLI arguments. See the Nomad Autoscaler Agent guide for more information on how to use this command and the options it has.

»Command-line Options

A subset of the available Nomad Autoscaler agent configuration can optionally be passed in via CLI arguments. The agent command accepts the following arguments:

»Nomad Autoscaler Command: version

The version command displays build information about the running binary, including the release version and the exact revision.


nomad-autoscaler version
nomad-autoscaler version


This command prints both the version number as well as the exact commit SHA used during the build. The SHA may also have the string +CHANGES appended to the end, indicating that local, uncommitted changes were detected at build time.


$ nomad-autoscaler version
Nomad Autoscaler v0.0.3-dev (da91fa9)
$ nomad-autoscaler versionNomad Autoscaler v0.0.3-dev (da91fa9)