»Dynamic Application Sizing Max Strategy Plugin


This functionality only exists in Nomad Autoscaler Enterprise. This is not present in the open source version of Nomad Autoscaler.

The app-sizing-max plugin calculates the maximum value seen for the target resource within the available dataset. This plugin is ideally suited for memory resources since workloads don’t release their memory too often and underprovisioning could cause OOM errors.

»Agent Configuration Options

The app-sizing-max plugin is automatically launched by Nomad Autoscaler Enterprise and so the following setup is optional.

strategy "app-sizing-max" {
  driver = "app-sizing-max"
strategy "app-sizing-max" {  driver = "app-sizing-max"}

»Policy Configuration Options

check "max" {
  strategy "app-sizing-max" {}
check "max" {  strategy "app-sizing-max" {}}

The app-sizing-max plugin doesn't have any configuration.