»Dynamic Application Sizing Percentile Strategy Plugin


This functionality only exists in Nomad Autoscaler Enterprise. This is not present in the open source version of Nomad Autoscaler.

The app-sizing-percentile plugin calculates its result based on a desired percentile value from the dataset.

The plugin applies an exponential weight decay to data, in order to give more significance to recent data over older data. It also adjusts its calculation based on the amount of resources used per unit of time. This load-adjusted calculation results in values that are more likely to actually meet the usage needs of the workload when compared to the traditional time-based percentile calculation.

This Dynamic Application Sizing plugin is the most versatile, since the percentile level can be fine-tuned as needed. If your workload can withstand occasional OOM errors gracefully, using a 98th percentile for memory instead of app-sizing-max could result in smaller recommendations and subsequently more resource availability for other tasks. A 95th to 90th percentile for CPU could have the same effect.

»Agent Configuration Options

The app-sizing-percentile plugin is automatically launched by Nomad Autoscaler Enterprise and so the following setup is optional.

strategy "target-value" {
  driver = "target-value"
strategy "target-value" {  driver = "target-value"}

»Policy Configuration Options

check "p95" {
  strategy "app-sizing-percentile" {
    percentile = "95"
check "p95" {  strategy "app-sizing-percentile" {    percentile = "95"  }}
  • percentile (int: 99) - Specifies the percentile value to use when performing the strategy calculation.