»Pass-Through Strategy Plugin

The pass-through strategy is a very simple, yet useful strategy. It does not add any extra computation on top of the metric query result, and instead uses the APM query result as the scaling count. It doesn't have any configuration options.

This allows the Nomad Autoscaler to be integrated into systems where the scaling computation is done externally like an edge router, or easily derived from a query such as running one allocation per item in a queue.

»Agent Configuration Options

strategy "pass-through" {
  driver = "pass-through"
strategy "pass-through" {  driver = "pass-through"}

»Policy Configuration Options

check "pass-through-check" {
  # ...
  strategy "pass-through" {}
  # ...
check "pass-through-check" {  # ...  strategy "pass-through" {}  # ...}

The pass-through plugin doesn't have any configuration.