»Command: debug

The debug command builds an archive containing Nomad cluster configuration and state information, Nomad server and client node logs, and pprof profiles from the selected servers and client nodes.

If no selection option is specified, the debug archive contains only cluster meta information.


nomad debug [options]

This command accepts comma separated server-id and node-id IDs for monitoring and pprof profiling. If IDs are provided, the command will monitor logs for the duration, saving a snapshot of Nomad state every interval. Captured logs and configurations are subjected to redaction, but may still contain sensitive information and the archive contents should be reviewed before sharing.

If an output path is provided, debug will create a timestamped directory in that path instead of an archive. By default, the command creates a compressed tar archive in the current directory.

Consul and Vault status and version information are included if configured.

»General Options

  • -address=<addr>: The address of the Nomad server. Overrides the NOMAD_ADDR environment variable if set. Defaults to

  • -region=<region>: The region of the Nomad server to forward commands to. Overrides the NOMAD_REGION environment variable if set. Defaults to the Agent's local region.

  • -no-color: Disables colored command output. Alternatively, NOMAD_CLI_NO_COLOR may be set.

  • -ca-cert=<path>: Path to a PEM encoded CA cert file to use to verify the Nomad server SSL certificate. Overrides the NOMAD_CACERT environment variable if set.

  • -ca-path=<path>: Path to a directory of PEM encoded CA cert files to verify the Nomad server SSL certificate. If both -ca-cert and -ca-path are specified, -ca-cert is used. Overrides the NOMAD_CAPATH environment variable if set.

  • -client-cert=<path>: Path to a PEM encoded client certificate for TLS authentication to the Nomad server. Must also specify -client-key. Overrides the NOMAD_CLIENT_CERT environment variable if set.

  • -client-key=<path>: Path to an unencrypted PEM encoded private key matching the client certificate from -client-cert. Overrides the NOMAD_CLIENT_KEY environment variable if set.

  • -tls-server-name=<value>: The server name to use as the SNI host when connecting via TLS. Overrides the NOMAD_TLS_SERVER_NAME environment variable if set.

  • -tls-skip-verify: Do not verify TLS certificate. This is highly not recommended. Verification will also be skipped if NOMAD_SKIP_VERIFY is set.

  • -token: The SecretID of an ACL token to use to authenticate API requests with. Overrides the NOMAD_TOKEN environment variable if set.

»Debug Options

  • -duration=2m: Set the duration of the log monitor command. Defaults to "2m". Logs will be captured from specified servers and nodes at log-level.

  • -interval=2m: The interval between snapshots of the Nomad state. If unspecified, only one snapshot is captured.

  • -log-level=DEBUG: The log level to monitor. Defaults to DEBUG.

  • -node-id=n1,n2: Comma separated list of Nomad client node ids, to monitor for logs and include pprof data. Accepts id prefixes.

  • -server-id=s1,s2: Comma separated list of Nomad server names, or the special server name "leader" to monitor for logs and include pprof data.

  • -output=path: Path to the parent directory of the output directory. Defaults to the current directory. If specified, no archive is built.

  • -consul-token: Token used to query Consul. Defaults to CONSUL_TOKEN

  • -vault-token: Token used to query Vault. Defaults to VAULT_TOKEN


This command prints the name of the timestamped archive file produced.


$ nomad debug -duration 20s -interval 5s -server-id leader -node-id 6e,dd
Created debug archive: nomad-debug-2020-06-10-145821Z.tar.gz