»Command: node drain

The node drain command is used to toggle drain mode on a given node. Drain mode prevents any new tasks from being allocated to the node, and begins migrating all existing allocations away. Allocations will be migrated according to their migrate stanza until the drain's deadline is reached.

By default the node drain command blocks until a node is done draining and all allocations have terminated. Canceling the node drain command will not cancel the drain. Drains may be canceled by using the -disable parameter below.

When draining more than one node at a time, it is recommended you first disable scheduling eligibility on all nodes that will be drained. For example if you are decommissioning an entire class of nodes, first run node eligibility -disable on all of their node IDs, and then run node drain -enable. This will ensure allocations drained from the first node are not placed on another node about to be drained.

The node status command compliments this nicely by providing the current drain status of a given node.

See the Workload Migration guide for detailed examples of node draining.


nomad node drain [options] <node>

A -self flag can be used to drain the local node. If this is not supplied, a node ID or prefix must be provided. If there is an exact match, the drain mode will be adjusted for that node. Otherwise, a list of matching nodes and information will be displayed.

It is also required to pass one of -enable or -disable, depending on which operation is desired.

If ACLs are enabled, this option requires a token with the 'node:write' capability.

»General Options

  • -address=<addr>: The address of the Nomad server. Overrides the NOMAD_ADDR environment variable if set. Defaults to

  • -region=<region>: The region of the Nomad server to forward commands to. Overrides the NOMAD_REGION environment variable if set. Defaults to the Agent's local region.

  • -no-color: Disables colored command output. Alternatively, NOMAD_CLI_NO_COLOR may be set.

  • -ca-cert=<path>: Path to a PEM encoded CA cert file to use to verify the Nomad server SSL certificate. Overrides the NOMAD_CACERT environment variable if set.

  • -ca-path=<path>: Path to a directory of PEM encoded CA cert files to verify the Nomad server SSL certificate. If both -ca-cert and -ca-path are specified, -ca-cert is used. Overrides the NOMAD_CAPATH environment variable if set.

  • -client-cert=<path>: Path to a PEM encoded client certificate for TLS authentication to the Nomad server. Must also specify -client-key. Overrides the NOMAD_CLIENT_CERT environment variable if set.

  • -client-key=<path>: Path to an unencrypted PEM encoded private key matching the client certificate from -client-cert. Overrides the NOMAD_CLIENT_KEY environment variable if set.

  • -tls-server-name=<value>: The server name to use as the SNI host when connecting via TLS. Overrides the NOMAD_TLS_SERVER_NAME environment variable if set.

  • -tls-skip-verify: Do not verify TLS certificate. This is highly not recommended. Verification will also be skipped if NOMAD_SKIP_VERIFY is set.

  • -token: The SecretID of an ACL token to use to authenticate API requests with. Overrides the NOMAD_TOKEN environment variable if set.

»Drain Options

  • -enable: Enable node drain mode.

  • -disable: Disable node drain mode.

  • -deadline: Set the deadline by which all allocations must be moved off the node. Remaining allocations after the deadline are force removed from the node. Defaults to 1 hour.

  • -detach: Return immediately instead of entering monitor mode.

  • -monitor: Enter monitor mode directly without modifying the drain status.

  • -force: Force remove allocations off the node immediately.

  • -no-deadline: No deadline allows the allocations to drain off the node without being force stopped after a certain deadline.

  • -ignore-system: Ignore system allows the drain to complete without stopping system job allocations. By default system jobs are stopped last. You should always use this flag when draining a node running CSI node plugins.

  • -keep-ineligible: Keep ineligible will maintain the node's scheduling ineligibility even if the drain is being disabled. This is useful when an existing drain is being cancelled but additional scheduling on the node is not desired.

  • -m: Message for the drain update operation. Registered in drain metadata as "message" during drain enable and "cancel_message" during drain disable.

  • -meta <key>=<value>: Custom metadata to store on the drain operation, can be used multiple times.

  • -self: Drain the local node.

  • -yes: Automatic yes to prompts.


Enable drain mode on node with ID prefix "4d2ba53b":

$ nomad node drain -enable f4e8a9e5 -m "node maintenance"
Are you sure you want to enable drain mode for node "f4e8a9e5-30d8-3536-1e6f-cda5c869c35e"? [y/N] y
2018-03-30T23:13:16Z: Ctrl-C to stop monitoring: will not cancel the node drain
2018-03-30T23:13:16Z: Node "f4e8a9e5-30d8-3536-1e6f-cda5c869c35e" drain strategy set
2018-03-30T23:13:17Z: Alloc "1877230b-64d3-a7dd-9c31-dc5ad3c93e9a" marked for migration
2018-03-30T23:13:17Z: Alloc "1877230b-64d3-a7dd-9c31-dc5ad3c93e9a" draining
2018-03-30T23:13:17Z: Alloc "1877230b-64d3-a7dd-9c31-dc5ad3c93e9a" status running -> complete
2018-03-30T23:13:29Z: Alloc "3fce5308-818c-369e-0bb7-f61f0a1be9ed" marked for migration
2018-03-30T23:13:29Z: Alloc "3fce5308-818c-369e-0bb7-f61f0a1be9ed" draining
2018-03-30T23:13:30Z: Alloc "3fce5308-818c-369e-0bb7-f61f0a1be9ed" status running -> complete
2018-03-30T23:13:41Z: Alloc "9a98c5aa-a719-2f34-ecfc-0e6268b5d537" marked for migration
2018-03-30T23:13:41Z: Alloc "9a98c5aa-a719-2f34-ecfc-0e6268b5d537" draining
2018-03-30T23:13:41Z: Node "f4e8a9e5-30d8-3536-1e6f-cda5c869c35e" has marked all allocations for migration
2018-03-30T23:13:42Z: Alloc "9a98c5aa-a719-2f34-ecfc-0e6268b5d537" status running -> complete
2018-03-30T23:13:42Z: All allocations on node "f4e8a9e5-30d8-3536-1e6f-cda5c869c35e" have stopped.

Enable drain mode on the local node:

$ nomad node drain -enable -self

Enable drain mode but do not stop system jobs:

$ nomad node drain -enable -ignore-system 4d2ba53b

Disable drain mode but keep the node ineligible for scheduling. Useful for inspecting the current state of a misbehaving node without Nomad trying to start or migrate allocations:

$ nomad node drain -disable -keep-ineligible 4d2ba53b

Enable drain mode and detach from monitoring, then reattach later:

$ nomad node drain -enable -detach -self
$ nomad node drain -self -monitor