» Nomad Enterprise Advanced Autopilot

Nomad Enterprise supports Advanced Autopilot capabilities which enable fully automated server upgrades, higher throughput for reads and scheduling, and hot server failover on a per availability zone basis. See the sections below for additional details on each of these capabilities.

  • Automated Upgrades: Advanced Autopilot enables an upgrade pattern that allows operators to deploy a complete cluster of new servers and then simply wait for the upgrade to complete. As the new servers join the cluster, server introduction logic checks the version of each Nomad server. If the version is higher than the version on the current set of voters, it will avoid promoting the new servers to voters until the number of new servers matches the number of existing servers at the previous version. Once the numbers match, Autopilot will begin to promote new servers and demote old ones.

  • Enhanced Read Scalability: With Advanced Autopilot, servers can be explicitly marked as non-voters. Non-voters will receive the replication stream but will not take part in quorum (required by the leader before log entries can be committed). Adding explicit non-voters will scale reads and scheduling without impacting write latency.

  • Redundancy Zones: Advanced Autopilot redundancy zones make it possible to have more servers than availability zones. For example, in an environment with three availability zones it's now possible to run one voter and one non-voter in each availability zone, for a total of six servers. If an availability zone is completely lost, only one voter will be lost, so the cluster remains available. If a voter is lost in an availability zone, Autopilot will promote the non-voter to voter automatically, putting the hot standby server into service quickly.

See the Nomad Autopilot Guide for a comprehensive overview of Nomad's open source and enterprise Autopilot features.

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