»Installing Nomad for Production

This section covers how to install Nomad for production.

There are multiple steps to cover for a successful Nomad deployment:

»Installing Nomad

This page lists the two primary methods to installing Nomad and how to verify a successful installation.

Please refer to Installing Nomad sub-section.

»Hardware Requirements

This page details the recommended machine resources (instances), port requirements, and network topology for Nomad.

Please refer to Hardware Requirements sub-section.

»Setting Nodes with Nomad Agent

These pages explain the Nomad agent process and how to set the server and client nodes in the cluster.

Please refer to Set Server & Client Nodes and Nomad Agent documentation pages.

»Reference Architecture

This document provides recommended practices and a reference architecture for HashiCorp Nomad production deployments. This reference architecture conveys a general architecture that should be adapted to accommodate the specific needs of each implementation.

Please refer to Reference Architecture sub-section.

»Install Guide Based on Reference Architecture

This guide provides an end-to-end walkthrough of the steps required to install a single production-ready Nomad cluster as defined in the Reference Architecture section.

Please refer to Reference Install Guide sub-section.