»Installing Nomad for Production

While HashiCorp Nomad provides a low-friction practitioner experience out of the box, there are a few critical steps to take for a successful production Nomad deployment.

»Explore the Reference Architecture and Installation Guide

Learn more about recommended practices and explore a reference architecture for deploying HashiCorp Nomad in production.

  • Nomad Reference Architecture - Learn recommended practices and a reference architecture for Nomad production deployments. This reference architecture conveys a general architecture. Adapt it to accommodate the specific needs of your implementation.

  • Nomad Deployment Guide - Follow along with an end-to-end outline of the steps required to install a single production-ready Nomad cluster as defined in the Reference Architecture section.

»Verify Hardware Requirements

Review the recommended machine resources (instances), port requirements, and network topology for Nomad in the Hardware Requirements.

»Install Nomad

Visit the Installing Nomad page to learn the options available for installing Nomad and how to verify a successful installation.

»Configure your Nomad Servers and Clients

Refer to the Set Server & Client Nodes and Nomad Agent documentation pages to learn about the Nomad agent process and how to configure the server and client nodes in your cluster.