» Accessing the Web UI

The Nomad Web UI is served alongside the API. If you visit the Nomad server address in a web browser, you will be redirected to the Web UI, which is served under /ui. If you are unsure what port the Nomad HTTP API is running on, try the default port: 4646.

The first page you will see is a listing of all Jobs for the default namespace.

Jobs List

The entire Web UI sitemap is documented as an API.

» Getting to the Web UI from the CLI

In order to make it as seamless as possible to jump between the CLI and UI, the Nomad CLI has a ui subcommand. This command can take any identifier and open the appropriate web page.

Open the UI directly to look at a job:

$ nomad ui redis-job

Open the UI directly to look at an allocation:

$ nomad ui d4005969
Opening URL ""