»Install Nomad

To simplify the getting started experience, you can download the pre-compiled binary and run it directly (see the instructions here) or you can optionally work in a Vagrant environment (detailed in the following section).

»Vagrant Setup (Optional)

Note: To use the Vagrant Setup first install Vagrant following these instructions.

Create a new directory, and download this Vagrantfile.

Once you have created a new directory and downloaded the Vagrantfile you must create the virtual machine:

$ vagrant up

This will take a few minutes as the base Ubuntu box must be downloaded and provisioned with both Docker and Nomad. Once this completes, you should see output similar to:

Bringing machine 'default' up with 'virtualbox' provider...
==> default: Importing base box 'bento/ubuntu-16.04'...
==> default: Running provisioner: docker...

At this point the Vagrant box is running and ready to go.

»Verifying the Installation

After starting the Vagrant box, verify the installation worked by connecting to the box using SSH and checking that nomad is available. By executing nomad, you should see help output similar to the following:

$ vagrant ssh

vagrant@nomad:~$ nomad
Usage: nomad [-version] [-help] [-autocomplete-(un)install] <command> [args]

Common commands:
    run         Run a new job or update an existing job
    stop        Stop a running job
    status      Display the status output for a resource
    alloc       Interact with allocations
    job         Interact with jobs
    node        Interact with nodes
    agent       Runs a Nomad agent

Other commands:
    acl             Interact with ACL policies and tokens
    agent-info      Display status information about the local agent
    deployment      Interact with deployments
    eval            Interact with evaluations
    namespace       Interact with namespaces
    operator        Provides cluster-level tools for Nomad operators
    quota           Interact with quotas
    sentinel        Interact with Sentinel policies
    server          Interact with servers
    ui              Open the Nomad Web UI
    version         Prints the Nomad version

If you get an error that Nomad could not be found, then your Vagrant box may not have provisioned correctly. Check for any error messages that may have been emitted during vagrant up. You can always destroy the box and re-create it.

»Next Steps

Nomad is installed. Let's start Nomad!