» Nomad vs. Custom Solutions

It is an undisputed fact that distributed systems are hard; building one is error-prone and time-consuming. As a result, few organizations build a scheduler due to the inherent challenges. However, most organizations must develop a means of deploying applications and typically this evolves into an ad hoc deployment platform.

These deployment platforms are typically special cased to the needs of the organization at the time of development, reduce future agility, and require time and resources to build and maintain.

Nomad provides a high-level job specification to easily deploy applications. It has been designed to work at large scale, with multi-datacenter and multi-region support built in. Nomad also has extensible drivers giving it flexibility in the workloads it supports, including Docker.

Nomad provides organizations of any size a solution for deployment that is simple, robust, and scalable. It reduces the time and effort spent re-inventing the wheel and users can focus instead on their business applications.