» Nomad vs. HTCondor

HTCondor is a batch queuing system that is traditionally deployed in grid computing environments. These environments have a fixed set of resources, and large batch jobs that consume the entire cluster or large portions. HTCondor is used to manage queuing, dispatching and execution of these workloads.

HTCondor is not designed for services or long lived applications. Due to the batch nature of workloads on HTCondor, it does not prioritize high availability and is operationally complex to setup. It does support federation in the form of "flocking" allowing batch workloads to be run on alternate clusters if they would otherwise be forced to wait.

Nomad is focused on both long-lived services and batch workloads, and is designed to be a platform for running large scale applications instead of just managing a queue of batch work. Nomad supports a broader range of workloads, is designed for high availability, supports much richer constraint enforcement and bin packing logic.