»Nomad Autoscaler Overview

This section details the Nomad Autoscaler, a horizontal application and cluster autoscaler for Nomad. The Nomad Autoscaler is built and released separately to Nomad. The source code can be viewed on GitHub and releases are available on the HashiCorp releases page or via Docker Hub.

The Nomad Autoscaler repository includes a number of demos which provide guided learning on running the autoscaler.

»Horizontal Application Autoscaling

Horizontal application autoscaling is the process of automatically controlling the number of instances of an application to have sufficient work throughput to meet service-level agreements (SLA). In Nomad, horizontal application autoscaling can be achieved by modifying the number of allocations in a task group based on the value of a relevant metric, such as CPU and memory utilization or number of open connections. This is enabled by configuring autoscaling policies on individual Nomad jobs using the scaling block.

»Horizontal Cluster Autoscaling

Horizontal cluster autoscaling is the process of adding or removing Nomad clients from a cluster to ensure there is an appropriate amount of cluster resource for the scheduled applications. This is achieved by interacting with remote providers to start or terminate new Nomad clients based on metrics such as the remaining free schedulable CPU or memory. Cluster scaling is enabled by configuring the autoscaler agent with policies targeting the Nomad cluster.

»Dynamic Application Sizing


This functionality only exists in Nomad Autoscaler Enterprise. This is not present in the open source version of Nomad Autoscaler.

Dynamic Application Sizing enables organizations to optimize the resource consumption of applications using sizing recommendations from Nomad. It evaluates, processes and stores historical task resource usage data, making recommendations for CPU and Memory resource parameters. The recommendations can be calculated using a number of different algorithms to ensure the recommendation best fits the application profile.

Dynamic Application Sizing can be enabled on an individual task by configuring autoscaling policies within the task stanza using the job specification scaling block.