Easily deploy applications at any scale

A Distributed, Highly Available, Datacenter-Aware Scheduler


Easily Deploy

Users submit simple high-level jobs and Nomad handles scheduling, deploying and upgrading applications.

Any Cloud or Every Cloud

Multi-Datacenter and Multi-Region support enables running applications on any cloud, public or private.

Flexible Workloads

Nomad has extensible support for task drivers, allowing it to run containerized, virtualized, and standalone applications. Users can easily start Docker containers, VMs, or application runtimes like Java. Nomad supports Linux, Windows, BSD and OSX, providing the flexibility to run any workload.

Simplify Operations

Nomad simplifies operations by supporting blue/green deployments, automatically handling machine failures, and providing a single workflow to deploy applications.

Increase Density, Reduce Cost

Nomad packs applications onto servers to maximize resource utilization, increase density, and reduce costs.