Use case

Simple container orchestration

Deploy, manage, and scale enterprise containers in production with ease.


Management complexity has been the top challenge in using and deploying containers

Containers continue to help organizations move fast, but running containers in production at scale requires orchestration. Feature-rich container orchestrators, like Kubernetes, have steep learning curves and complex Day 2 operations to follow and often require a high budget and full-time staffing to maintain the platform.


One simple workflow to deploy containers on-premises, at the edge, and on any clouds

Nomad supports a first-class Docker workflow and integrates seamlessly with HashiCorp Consul and Vault to enable a complete solution while maximizing operational flexibility. Nomad is easy to use, can scale to thousands of nodes in a single cluster, and can easily deploy across private datacenters and multiple clouds.

Container orchestration with Nomad
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Customer case study

Managing containerized services on-premises with Nomad

After changes to installation scripts had side effects on other services, Trivago made the decision to set up private cloud infrastructure for their monitoring and performance services. They wanted a solution that had the ability to handle stateful, stateless, and I/O intensive jobs, while providing necessary isolation between services.

Get started deploying containers with Nomad

Nomad addresses the technical complexity of managing workloads in production at scale by providing a simple and flexible workload orchestrator across distributed infrastructure and clouds.

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