Use case

Edge workload management

Deploy, manage, and scale workloads efficiently at the edge.


Managing applications across a fleet of distributed, heterogeneous, and dynamic edge devices

There are an increasing number of use cases across industries for distributing location-sensitive applications outside of centralized cloud datacenters and running them closer to where they are needed. Each of these applications has unique performance requirements and runs on various processors, operating systems, and device types. It becomes difficult to manage geographically distributed edge environments with automated and operationally efficient workflows. 


A distributed single-cluster topology to deploy and scale edge workloads without additional complexity

With Nomad, you can build a single, consolidated workflow that gives you the flexibility and control that is necessary to fit the unique requirements of each application at the edge. Nomad’s support for device plugins allows it to take advantage of hardware running on specialized devices and you can deploy Nomad with a single-cluster topology on hybrid infrastructure to place workloads to the cloud or at the edge.

Nomad global deployment
bowery farming
Customer case study

Connecting farms and growing plants at Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming uses Nomad and Consul to power their network of indoor farms with highly available services in the cloud and on-premises.

  • 2 weeks

    to deploy Nomad from PoC into production

  • 1 SRE

    to manage Nomad

  • 7x

    improvement in resource utilization

Get started managing edge deployments with Nomad

Nomad addresses the technical complexity of managing workloads in production at scale by providing a simple and flexible workload orchestrator across distributed infrastructure and clouds.

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