»Command: job validate

Alias: nomad validate

The job validate command is used to check an HCL job specification for any syntax errors or validation problems.


nomad job validate <file>

The job validate command requires a single argument, specifying the path to a file containing an HCL job specification. This file will be read and the job checked for any problems. If the supplied path is "-", the job file is read from STDIN. Otherwise it is read from the file at the supplied path or downloaded and read from URL specified. Nomad downloads the job file using go-getter and supports go-getter syntax.

On successful validation, exit code 0 will be returned, otherwise an exit code of 1 indicates an error.

When ACLs are enabled, this command requires a token with the read-job capability for the job's namespace.


Validate a job with invalid syntax:

$ nomad job validate example.nomad
Job validation errors:
1 error(s) occurred:

* group "cache" -> task "redis" -> config: 1 error(s) occurred:

* field "image" is required

Validate a job that has a configuration that causes warnings:

$ nomad job validate example.nomad
Job Warnings:
1 warning(s):

* Group "cache" has warnings: 1 error(s) occurred:

* Update max parallel count is greater than task group count (6 > 3). A destructive change would result in the simultaneous replacement of all allocations.

Job validation successful