»autopilot Stanza


The autopilot stanza configures the Nomad agent to configure Autopilot behavior. For more information about Autopilot, see the Autopilot Guide.

autopilot {
    cleanup_dead_servers      = true
    last_contact_threshold    = "200ms"
    max_trailing_logs         = 250
    server_stabilization_time = "10s"
    enable_redundancy_zones   = false
    disable_upgrade_migration = false
    enable_custom_upgrades    = false

»autopilot Parameters

  • cleanup_dead_servers (bool: true) - Specifies automatic removal of dead server nodes periodically and whenever a new server is added to the cluster.

  • last_contact_threshold (string: "200ms") - Specifies the maximum amount of time a server can go without contact from the leader before being considered unhealthy. Must be a duration value such as 10s.

  • max_trailing_logs (int: 250) specifies the maximum number of log entries that a server can trail the leader by before being considered unhealthy.

  • server_stabilization_time (string: "10s") - Specifies the minimum amount of time a server must be stable in the 'healthy' state before being added to the cluster. Only takes effect if all servers are running Raft protocol version 3 or higher. Must be a duration value such as 30s.

  • enable_redundancy_zones (bool: false) - (Enterprise-only) Controls whether Autopilot separates servers into zones for redundancy, in conjunction with the redundancy_zone parameter. Only one server in each zone can be a voting member at one time.

  • disable_upgrade_migration (bool: false) - (Enterprise-only) Disables Autopilot's upgrade migration strategy in Nomad Enterprise of waiting until enough newer-versioned servers have been added to the cluster before promoting any of them to voters.

  • enable_custom_upgrades (bool: false) - (Enterprise-only) Specifies whether to enable using custom upgrade versions when performing migrations, in conjunction with the upgrade_version parameter.