»Windows IIS Driver

Name: win_iis

The Nomad IIS driver provides an interface for running Windows IIS website tasks. A "website" is a combination of an application pool and a site (app, vdir, etc.). Each allocation will create an application pool and site with the name being the allocation ID (guid).

For more detailed instructions on how to set up and use this driver, please refer to the project README.md.

»Task Configuration

task "iis-test" {
  driver = "win_iis"

  config {
    path = "C:\\inetpub\\wwwroot"
    apppool_identity {

The IIS task driver supports the following parameters:

  • path (string) - (Required) The path of the website directory.

  • site_config_path (string) - (Optional) The path should point to a valid IIS Site XML that is generated from an export.

  • apppool_config_path (string) - (Optional) The path should point to a valid IIS Application Pool XML that is generated from an export.

  • apppool_identity - (Optional) ApplicationPoolIdentity (default). The identity which the Application Pool will run under.

    • identity (string) - (Required) An identity is required to be set for Application Pools. Accepted inputs are LocalService, LocalSystem, NetworkService, SpecificUser, and ApplicationPoolIdentity.
    • username (string) - (Optional) If SpecificUser was chosen, then provide the username.
    • password (string) - (Optional) If SpecificUser was chosen, then provide the password.
  • bindings - (Optional) Bindings set here will be set for IIS.

    • hostname (string) - (Optional) IIS hostname for a binding.
    • ipaddress (string) - (Optional). * (default). IIS allows a binding to specify the IP Address being sent out.
    • resource_port (string) - (Optional) Use a label from an established network stanza port. It is recommended to use this approach over using port.
    • port (number) - (Optional) Specify a static port to use for the website. A port must be specified between resource_port or port. Ports set this way will not be recognized by nomad.
    • type (string) - (Optional) Specifies which binding type IIS should use such as http or https.
    • cert_hash (string) - (Optional) For SSL support, supply the cert hash here of a cert installed on the system.

For optional parameters default value is assumed nil, if the default value is not specified in the documentation.


Currently, nomad-driver-iis only supports host networking. No special configuration is needed as nomad-driver-iis relies on IIS to manage the networking for Windows IIS website tasks.

»Client Requirements

nomad-driver-iis requires the following:

»Plugin Options

  • enabled - The IIS driver may be disabled on hosts by setting this option to false (defaults to true).

  • stats_interval - This value defines how frequently you want to send TaskStats to nomad client. (defaults to 1 second).

An example of using these plugin options with the new plugin syntax is shown below:

plugin "win_iis" {
  client {
    enabled = true
    stats_interval = "30s"

Please note the plugin name should match whatever name you have specified for the external driver in the plugin_dir directory.

»Client Attributes

The IIS driver will set the following client attributes: