»logs Stanza

Placementjob -> group -> task -> logs

The logs stanza configures the log rotation policy for a task's stdout and stderr. Logging is enabled by default with sane defaults (provided in the parameters section below), and there is currently no way to disable logging for tasks. The logs stanza allows for finer-grained control over how Nomad handles log files.

Nomad's log rotation works by writing stdout/stderr output from tasks to a file inside the alloc/logs/ directory with the following format: <task-name>.<stdout/stderr>.<index>. Output is written to a particular index, starting at zero, till that log file hits the configured max_file_size. After, a new file is created at index + 1 and logs will then be written there. A log file is never rolled over, instead Nomad will keep up to max_files worth of logs and once that is exceeded, the log file with the lowest index is deleted.

job "docs" {
  group "example" {
    task "server" {
      logs {
        max_files     = 10
        max_file_size = 10
job "docs" {  group "example" {    task "server" {      logs {        max_files     = 10        max_file_size = 10      }    }  }}

For information on how to interact with logs after they have been configured, please see the nomad alloc logs command.

»logs Parameters

  • max_files (int: 10) - Specifies the maximum number of rotated files Nomad will retain for stdout and stderr. Each stream is tracked individually, so specifying a value of 2 will create 4 files - 2 for stdout and 2 for stderr

  • max_file_size (int: 10) - Specifies the maximum size of each rotated file in MB. If the amount of disk resource requested for the task is less than the total amount of disk space needed to retain the rotated set of files, Nomad will return a validation error when a job is submitted.

»logs Examples

The following examples only show the logs stanzas. Remember that the logs stanza is only valid in the placements listed above.

»Configure Defaults

This example shows a default logging configuration. Yes, it is empty on purpose. Nomad automatically enables logging with sane defaults as described in the parameters section above.


This example asks Nomad to retain 3 rotated files for each of stderr and stdout, each a maximum size of 5 MB per file. The minimum disk space this would require is 30 MB (3 stderr + 3 stdout × 5 MB = 30 MB).

logs {
  max_files     = 3
  max_file_size = 5
logs {  max_files     = 3  max_file_size = 5}