»volume Stanza

Placementjob -> group -> volume

The volume stanza allows the group to specify that it requires a given volume from the cluster.

The key of the stanza is the name of the volume as it will be exposed to task configuration.

job "docs" {
  group "example" {
    volume "certs" {
      type      = "host"
      source    = "ca-certificates"
      read_only = true

The Nomad server will ensure that the allocations are only scheduled on hosts that have a set of volumes that meet the criteria specified in the volume stanzas. These may be host volumes configured on the client, or CSI volumes dynamically mounted by CSI plugins.

The Nomad client will make the volumes available to tasks according to the volume_mount stanza in the task configuration.

»volume Parameters

  • type (string: "") - Specifies the type of a given volume. The valid volume types are "host" and "csi".

  • source (string: <required>) - The name of the volume to request. When using host_volume's this should match the published name of the host volume. When using csi volumes, this should match the ID of the registered volume.

  • read_only (bool: false) - Specifies that the group only requires read only access to a volume and is used as the default value for the volume_mount -> read_only configuration. This value is also used for validating host_volume ACLs and for scheduling when a matching host_volume requires read_only usage.

  • mount_options - Options for mounting CSI volumes that have the file-system attachment mode. These options override the mount_options field from volume registration. Consult the documentation for your storage provider and CSI plugin as to whether these options are required or necessary.

    • fs_type: file system type (ex. "ext4")
    • mount_flags: the flags passed to mount (ex. "ro,noatime")