»volume_mount Stanza

Placementjob -> group -> task -> volume_mount

The volume_mount stanza allows the task to specify how a group volume should be mounted into the task.

job "docs" {
  group "example" {
    volume "certs" {
      type = "host"
      read_only = true
      source = "ca-certificates"

    task "example" {
      volume_mount {
        volume      = "certs"
        destination = "/etc/ssl/certs"

The Nomad client will make the volumes available to tasks according to this configuration, and it will fail the allocation if the client configuration updates to remove a volume that it depends on.

»volume_mount Parameters

  • volume (string: "") - Specifies the group volume that the mount is going to access.

  • destination (string: "") - Specifies where the volume should be mounted inside the task's allocation.

  • read_only (bool: false) - When a group volume is writeable, you may specify that it is read_only on a per mount level using the read_only option here.

For examples of how to use HCL2 interpolation for fine-grained control of volumes, see Volume Interpolation.